Album review: Chrisette Michele 'Epiphany'

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Chrisette Michele is now on her sophomore album and is trying for a “new” sound and new look as well. Much of this can be equated to the fact that she received so much critical acclaim on the first album, but very little commercial success.

The album opens with the titled track “Epiphany (I’m Leaving)” the first single, written by Ne-Yo, produced by Chuck Harmony. The song provides a drum back drop, with memorable piano chords and the most memorable line on the album “Then it comes to me/like an epiphany…” The song itself has almost had as much success as her previous singles combined, which is understandable. One common theme that is noticeable throughout the album is the lyrical content and writing collaborations with Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo is featured on the song titled “What You Do” a typical smooth R&B melodic track with Ne-Yo’s backing vocals, which is why the track is sub-par.

The strongest and most impressive point on the album is Chrisette’s vocal and belting ability. Especially on the tracks “Blame it on Me” and “I’m Okay”. “Blame it on Me” the rumored second single, features the albums best vocals. The track finds Chrisette Michele going into a blame game with her previous lover and eventually taking the high road. “Another One” another vocally impressive track shares the same melody progression and slap drums as Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable”. “Irreplacalbe” as some people may not know what intended for Chrisette the first time around, but passed the track on and became one of Beyonce’s many hits.

With all the new sounds on that album, Chrisette also revisits her old roots with songs such as “All I Ever Think About” and old school jam that builds into an emotional outburst, with Chrisette belting out notes in the F3 range. “Mr. Right” a jazzy more hip, funky approach for the Long Island native, melds Michele's fresh jazz tone with a trippy baseline, trombones and girl group backup vocals. “Fragile” another mid-tempo, jazzy, soulful song with fine production, where Michele tells her lover don’t play with her heart because it’s fragile, which she chants in the chorus.

Verdict: Chrisette’s sophomore album covers more than her debut album, however lacks subject credibility, which finds Chrisette talking about the same things. Her vocals are the strongest point on the album belting notes around the F3 range. Defiantly worth the 9 bucks and will be the best album released on May 5th.

Five Must Downloads: Mr. Right, Epiphany (I’m Leaving), Blame it on Me, Another One, I’m Okay

Skip: Procelain Doll

Rating: 4/5


  1. i love this album from beginnning to end

  2. I thought her first CD was a lot better